After the Big Bend on the Cheeseman road. This sunset was beautiful and presented some incredible light, but indeed, eerie.

Some mornings I wake up to beautiful rolling clouds and some evenings I observe the storm. Two and a half months on Mt Cheeseman and the view was never the same. New day. Different vibes.

Mt Wall absolutely glowing in a cotton candy sunset.

Sleepy morning light.

The chef and the mountains.

This club field wouldn’t have the energy it has without its skiers and snowboarders (and occasional kea’s!)

Being out there and slowly gaining more confidence in my turns was where I grew. Joining this community felt like being welcomed into another family. Towards the end, I was motivated to capture some of the life that happened on the mountain.

Skiers left, lookin' cruisie as.

Base of the mountain probably on a Saturday.

Cheeky kea’s making an end of the season appearance.

Now with a place in my heart – I’ll always dream of these snowy mountains.