Make dreams come true in New Zealand and earn your turns. Temple Basin in Canterbury is old fashion when you have to make the 1.5 hour hike up to the lodge. Well worth it in the heart of Arthur’s Pass.

$5 comes a long way when it’s for the perfect little hut. Not too far from the coast, Mt Fyffe Hut was well worth the struggle of zig zags.

Good night Aoraki.

Take a break from the road.

Face to face with Mt Sefton. Those thunderous avalanches are mostly from this direction.

Glaciers of Hooker Lake.

Picturesque Lake Tekapo on a clear day.

Perks of off-season camping? Snagging the best camp spot on site.

It was a 500m run up sand and the view only got better.

Those white dots are lambs. Hello lambing season!

Below the tree line and in the clouds, the light peaked in wherever it found space.

A pleasant morning haze and the distant hills.

Raglan culture.

Somehow always in motion.